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Birthdate:Feb 19
Location:Somerville, Massachusetts, United States of America
Somehow Harvard not only admitted a cat to the Class of 2003, but she managed to graduate. With a real degree and everything. It only took five years, but whoever expected felines to operate by other people's schedules?

Our Heroine has emerged largely unscathed from her first post-collegiate job to enter a new realm of possibility and hope.

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80s cartoons, acting innocent, activism, affection, altruism, androgyny, animal-head people, anime, batting things, being cute, being obnoxious, ben folds, ben folds five, bisexual, bisexuality, boston, caffeine, can openers, catnaps, cats, chasing things, cheesy musicals, comforting people, costuming, counterculture, cuddling, cyborgs, demanding attention, demanding food, diana krall, eating, falsifying statistics, fantasy, farscape, felines, feminism, fetish fashion, fluorescence, food, forbidden places, freedom of lj fandom, fur, furry, gender theory, genderqueer, hair dye, hogging the bed, humanism, idealism, imagination, intellectual, jingly balls, john cusack, joy, laps, laser pointers, looking outside, mad mad house, massachusetts, meowing, music, nakedness, nanotechnology, neopaganism, no more kings, occult, open minds, pagan religions, paganism, pansexual, peace, perversion, philosophy, pickles, polyamory, porn, postfurry, posthuman, postmodernism, pro-choice, project anvil, psychology, purring in ears, queens, queer, revolutionary girl utena, role-playing games, romance, rubber, sapiosexuality, sci-fi, science fiction, second shift, sex, sex toys, sexual diversity, sexuality, shedding, singing, sleeping, sniffing noses, sociology, spirituality, staying up all night, steely dan, strange food, surrealism, sushi, synchronicity, tails, technopaganism, transformations, transhumanism, trouble, twitching tail, unnaturally colored hair, video games, wicca, witchcraft, world tree
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